The Pitch of Yum!!


Life is incomplete without any magic moments and we make sure that you don’t miss it. We are here to add the taste to your taste buds with the pinch of healthy benefits in our menu.

Starting with Iconic flavored Smoothies to enriched power-packed smoothies adding on the menu with the fancy sandwiches, paninis, salads & more. We are here to satisfy your urge of eating and drinking back from Gyms, Office Meetings, Yoga Sessions, or any social meeting keeping in mind to fill you & your heart with savory.


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Our Story

Welcome To Paradise

In a world of fast food, We bring you fast-paced healthier menu options. A broad range of foods typically found in island menus and smoothie shacks from around the globe. We endeavor in bringing you the freshest foods and fruits available.

Take the flight to your paradise right here in your neighborhood Casselberry

Paradise is an ideal spot comfortable enough to unwind & reminisce, a place, a time, a flavor, or scratch all that off and start brand new to be inspired in a new direction. we bring you the freshest fruits and foods you love and new flavors to discover., so here’s a crumb of “Paradise”. the culmination of our ideal smoothie shop inspired in island world travel.

With a smoothie, in hand, You are now stepping into your paradise your new consciousness where sunny beach days never end. Rain or shine This is your paradise.

we welcome you and look forward to seeing you.


The Best for you! 


Smear The Taste with each bite

We make the food with a passion to make you love it, refreshing & power-packed ingredients in smoothies accompanying super tasteful lip-smacking food to fill you up with delight.

Best for YOU is best for US

Have a look!!


The ingredients are a die for – Kale, spinach, pineapple, banana, ginger, green apple matcha powder. The power of match wins this smoothie overall.


Indulging the rich vitamins with roasted Zucchini & mushrooms adding up the gear with rich fresh grilled bell peppers & onions & overloaded mozzarella cheese, Queso fresco & cilantro.


A smoothie who wishes to make the body & muscles as good and better as possible. To this is the best one in here with Banana, strawberry, almond milk, amino, protein supplements.


The rich cream Caesar dressing with parmesan/asiago cheese blend, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, lite croutons, and crispy grilled chicken.


The spice of grilled chicken, with rice, shrimp, cheddar, beans, roasted pineapple, roasted onions, and the Jamaican jerk sauce, give it a taste your taste buds will never forget.


The aromatic and juicy Sliced steak, swiss cheese, arugula, pickled onions, tomato, horseradish on artisan ciabatta bread.

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7:00 am to 8:00 pm 

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